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СПА программы, релаксация, пиллинг, массажи, винотерапия

Nowadays it is hard to imagine life without stress. Most of the people working on the wear and absolutely forget about the rest. We invite you to “Chabanka” to restore vitality and health of your body, to relax your body and your soul. Our specialist Alla Philipova created new SPA –programs which will help you to become even more beautiful.

Effect of spa treatments is aimed at relaxation and recovery of the whole body.

There are several versions of the origin of the concept of SPA.

According to one of them , "SPA" is derived from the recreational resort in the Belgian province of Liège. In the Middle Ages, a small town famous for its healing waters that are already in the XVI century, sold in many countries of the world. With the spread of water fashionable resort concept of "Spa" is becoming more common noun as "a trip to the water."

In another version of the word ‘SPA’ origin –it is an abbreviation Latin phrase «Sanitas per aqua», which literally means "treatment through the water."

These days, more and more Spa clinic, spa resorts, spas, spa hotels, which offers treatment of mineral and sea waters, curative mud and salts, algae and medicinal plants. Often together with the concept of spa treatments synonyms such as hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, thalassotherapy are used.

Copyright SPA program in country complex "Chabanka" include aromatherapy, wine therapy, massage, mineral water baths, mineral exfoliation, body wraps, cellulite aromatic baths, and program correction.

SPA Programs

«Relaxation De-luxe»

SPA program with flavors of vanilla and enticing tropical fruits gives soothing relaxation. As a result, the skin is an excellent food, alive and refreshed, wrinkles.

  • Body scrub "Mango and passion fruit"
  • Cleopatra Bath
  • Yoghurt wrap "Tropical Oasis Mango and -Passion fruit" (Pevonia botanica, France)

475 UAH (560 UAH)

"Grape pleasure" wine therapy for Her

Rejuvenation is the slogan of wine therapy.

Wine baths and wraps will relax you, relieve nervous and muscular tension, strengthen blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, improve metabolism in the body, actively nourish, moisturize and soften the skin, improve its texture and color, will help to get rid of cellulite. They have a rejuvenating effect.

  • Mineral Peeling
  • Bath Diana
  • Grape body wrap "French dessert» (Algologi, France)

450 UAH (530 UAH)

"Grape pleasure" wine therapy for Him

Exquisite pleasure, especially important for women, who in spite of time and stress want to feel younger, to preserve and increase virility.

  • Mineral Peeling
  • Dionysus Bath
  • Grape body wrap "French dessert" (Algologi, France)

450 UAH (530 UAH)

«Slim and Beauty»

Correction and skin care program without which no one woman can do. With these procedures you will find a healthy skin color and radiance.

  • Pilling "The Secret of Cleopatra"
  • Bath "Cleopatra"
  • Honey wrap

325 UAH (380 UAH)

"In Harmony with Nature"

SPA program for those who are concerned about the extra inches, give your body the vitamins and minerals extracted from Seaweed Ocean.

  • Body scrub "Marble" with sea salt
  • Cellulite aromabath with sea salt and seaweed
  • Thalassotherapy

265 UAH (310 UAH)

"Wellness and relax"

SPA program will help you to delve you into the world of fragrances, relax, escape from everyday life and restore emotional condition.

  • Aromasauna SPA
  • Pearl-coniferous aromabath with sea salt
  • Relaxing Massage

245 UAH (290 UAH)


Relax gourmet menu

  • Aromasauna SPA
  • Underwater massage shower
  • Relaxing Foot Massage

185 UAH (220 UAH)

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Kominternovskiy district
Chernomorskoe settlement
67570 Ukraine
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