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Responsive Website Design

Опубликовано: 16.12.2016

We have analyzed many blog posts, forums, users’ comments to get this list of 5 most frequently asked questions about responsive design. This is one of the most talked about trends in website design this year, and if you still don’t know enough about it, this post will throw the light on every aspect of this innovative design technique.

Many of you, if not all, have at least one of popular gadgets, am I right? Gone are the days when we used our cell phones just to make calls. Today, we use our smartphones to chat with friends on Facebook, post pictures on Instagram, check our email and even do shopping. Tablets go even more with functionality: we definitely can use them to watch movies and do business online.

This entire introduction was to drive at the importance of Webiprog :: Responsive Website Design. For the beginning, you need to know that responsive website design (RWD) means the ability of a website to fit to any screen resolution and mobile device. If a user opens a website on a desktop, he sees everything in a big size; smaller resolution don’t cut the page, but reduce it to a needed size.

When someone claims that responsive design is good, he needs to prove it. Otherwise, users won’t believe and adopt this feature for their business. The well-reasoned statement is more likely to win users’ approval. So finally, we will give you these 5 popular questions on the topic and of course, answers to them.

The first reason why responsive design is important is caused by the high mobile Internet usage. Besides it, responsive design solves many problems of online businesses and help website owners to gain better resultswith almost anything:

make a mobile responsive web design

Create a Responsive Website Using HTML5 and CSS3

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